Friday, January 03, 2014


There are multiple flood warning throughout the country, but we live on the top of a hill and, at the moment, the sky is blue, but the wind is cold. Here are a couple of photographs taken on my morning walk with Amy. The electricity pylon stand just outside the Crematorium, like a monument to modern times. The tree stands on the other side of the main road, like a monument to the complexity of nature.


  1. Complexity...great description. And to think that there are millions of these towers.

  2. I am impressed by the tree. It seems to house a good deal of life in the summer months.

  3. Really beautiful trees. I had more to say yesterday but for some reason I can't comment from my work computer. It's a grey grey rainy day and I wish we had some of your blue sky here. Grim Hill has rarely looked grimmer!

  4. You are a nice long way from the floods but as it happens I heard about this blog sitting in a house in Oxford which is AT THIS MOMENT cut off by the floods on the Botley Road, as seen on the national news, so in my mind you are always there as well as in West Yorkshire....


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