Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lost and Found - Three Images

A celebration of old photographs which have long been lost and forgotten, but have now been found and shared with the world.

1705001 : A YOUTH ON A HORSE : The strange thing about this print is that it appears to date from a period much later than when horses were a regular feature of the roads of the land. The road is paved - a road of the age of the motor car - and the horse is saddled. The youth seems to be a child of the thirties, a time when horses were for sportsmen and farmers.

1705011 : THE REIGATE CAMPERS : Clues can be found within the smallest and most insignificant details in Lost Photographs. This is a scan of a found negative of two young lads on what appears to be a camping holiday. One of the lads is sat on a beer crate which appears to be from the Reigate brewer, Mellersh & Neale. The brewery was taken over in 1938 and beer bottles didn't travel far in those days.

1705013 : THE BESPECTACLED VICAR : I assume he is a vicar, because that does look like a clerical collar that he is wearing. He is also wearing a very self-satisfied smile. Here is a man at peace with his salvation.


  1. The lad on the horse looks amazingly like a young Benedict Cumberbatch. Historical resemblances can be absolutely remarkable.

  2. Nice photos and sleuthing on your part; I love horses and that one looks all spruced up for the photo.

  3. I'm always impressed by what accurate conclusions you come up with, with so very few clues!

  4. That's one lean horse, Alan.


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