Tuesday, May 02, 2017

20 Images : 7. The Plasterers by Geoff Beaumont

20 Images : 7. The Plasterers by Geoff Beaumont

Industry doesn't have to be pollution-creating, poverty-making, resource-exploiting desecration. There can be an honesty in craft, a beauty in a job well done. This does not simply apply to the medieval stone mason, or even the twentieth century plasterer, but also to the twenty-first century web-designer or whatever else people do in this day and age. The image today is one of the late Geoff Beaumont's - one that I took away from the display of his work at his funeral when we were all invited to take some of his prints home with us. I am not sure of the circumstances surrounding the taking of the photograph, but I wouldn't be surprised if these two chaps were plastering Geoff's new bathroom when - like all good photographers - he saw a photograph and rushed to get his camera to capture it.

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  1. Interesting story of taIking something physical away from a funeral. I remember my first experience of seeing men mixing plaster for the application on the ceiling. The cloud of white was great than flour being poured into a bowl. The men worked so fast to get the plaster on the ceiling before the batch dried out.


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