Thursday, March 10, 2016

Blood On His Sword - Silver Halide Salts On His Gelatin

For a few pence less than a fiver, I bought a set of 10x8 monochrome negatives the other day. Don't ask me why - it was between that and climbing Mont Blanc and I have had some sciatica twinges recently so the negatives got the casting vote.

The negatives are of stills from the 1961 French swashbuckling epic Le Miracle des Loups which circulated in the English-speaking world under the title "Blood On His Sword". Buying old negatives unseen is always a hit and miss business - when they arrived this collection looked as though it had been badly affected by damp and heat and cold and rat-bites.

But I always think that if I can recapture one decent image from a stock of old negatives I am happy, and the image of the girl and the dog is a memorable one. According the the movie databases, the actress is the Italian Rosanna Schiaffino and I am delighted that the original silver halide salts have remained attach to the gelatin for long enough for me to scan it and preserve it here.

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  1. What a lovely photograph. We just got back from Florence which was totally infested with people all photographing everything that moves, and everything that doesn't not to mention a million and one selfies. I can' t help feeling that none of the images snapped will be worth looking at in 45 years from now. Well, possibly one or two of my carefully composed shots?


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