Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Exceptional Photographs Of John Walker Wood

"Unknown Man - Positive Slide (Mid Victorian?)

I have just taken delivery of a small collection of old glass negatives which would appear to be the work of a Glasgow photographer called John Walker Wood. The majority of the photographs are lovingly catalogued 4" x 3" Glass negatives taken in the 1920s and 1930s and featuring the Kelvingrove area of Glasgow. There are also a series of negatives featuring the gravestones of his family.

Glasgow University and Kelvingrove Park from Partick Road Bridge over the River Kelvin opposite to Kelvin Hall, 1935"

Included in the package was a single positive glass plate which seems to be from a much earlier period - quite possibly the mid-Victorian years. The quality of both the photograph and the glass plate is quite exceptional and there is something about the subject that appears almost familiar.

"Tombstone at Lambhill Cemetery in Memory of Father, Mother abd Uncle John. 1932

It's all a bit of a mystery - well worth the few pounds I paid for the collection.

Aerial View of Kelvingrove Park showing Prince of Wales Bridge, Park Circus, UP Church College Etc. From Glasgow University Tower, 1926"


  1. Everytime I visit your blog, you've posted some thought-provoking item or photograph.

  2. Amazing shots for the time.


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