Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Milltown, Yorkshire

I suspect that I took this photograph fifty years ago and it is so obviously a West Yorkshire milltown. But which one? I recognise it and I don't recognise it; it is familiar and it is different. The valley, the terraced houses, the mills: for the moment we will just call it Milltown but hopefully someone will come forward with a more accurate description.


  1. Great photo. Not the Yorkshire we think of with James Herriot.

  2. Amazing! Love the terraced houses....lots to look at there. It would make a great "I Spy" game. List 20 things in the photograph and try to seek them out. ;)

  3. No doubt whatsoever - Hebden Bridge - aka Centre of the Universe :-)

  4. I suppose there is a need to pack all those buildings in there so close together. It does look like the mill part is correct in the naming.


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