Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bears, Farms and the Winstanley Babe.

And so came Christmas with its round of thoroughly enjoyable parties and its promised interrogation of the surviving Winstanley Babe. Aunty R told me she joined when she was 12 : and as she was born in 1915 that will date it at 1927. She didn't remain with the troupe for long, quickly becoming homesick for her large family (six brothers and five sisters) foand Liverpool home. Before the end of the 1920s she had abandoned the stage and taken a job at the Bear Brand Nylon Stocking factory in Liverpool. But she didn't settle down to a life of suburban comfort. In the 1940s she emigrated to Canada to become a farmers' wife before returning to England to raise her family. The picture - taken on Boxing Day - shows her with those two children - David and Caroline.

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