Monday, December 03, 2007

Consolidation Consultation

I am thinking about consolidation (a man's got to think about something now that "I'm A Celebrity" has come to an end). Over the year the number of blogs I am responsible for seems to have multiplied and they confuse me, never mind anybody else. As with all undertakings, a time eventually comes for re-evaluation, change and - possibly - consolidation. The first potential change is to consolidate the "Daily Photo Blog" into the "News From Nowhere" blog. Why not?

In keeping with modern thinking I am putting this proposed change out to a statutory seven-day period of cyber-consultation. If any interested party has nothing better to do than to give me their views, please feel free. In the meantime, today's photo shows the Calder Valley early on Saturday morning. Other parts of the country were getting snow. Here we got wonderfully bright weather.

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