Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Yes, I've Been Messing About Again

I suspect that I have always had a spiritual affinity to the idea of change. Whereas others see "change for changes sake" as somehow negative, I see it as exciting and a reflection of that force which is life. Although it is perhaps going too far to say that I would have felt at home in China during the Cultural Revolution, I can at least understand the thought set of those students who demanded continual change.

I am the kind of person who changes the layout of my desk on a weekly basis. I will start new projects on a daily basis. Since the start of this year I have introduced at least five major new ways of filing my collection of MP3 tracks. So why should the blog be sacrosanct? Blogger tells me that they have introduced many new formatting elements. There are numerous new sidebars and add-ons. All I needed to do was to change to the new set of templates. Say no more, it is music to the ears of a change-freak like me.

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  1. Love it! I like the photos being on the same page, and the cartoon, and the slide show. I wish we could get that on the Transita Authors' blog, but I think one would have to be the administrator, rather than just a contributor.


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