Friday, January 30, 2015

The Brighouse Rock Candy Mountain

Went for a walk around Brighouse this morning in the winter sunshine. I eventually found the Brandy Snap Works (see A MISSION TO SNAP THE DESIGNER BRANDY) which looks everything a Brandy Snap works should look like. Just around the corner were the lemonade springs but sadly the cigarette trees have been uprooted. It's a wonderful place, Brighouse.


  1. Well I guess it does have an iron gate and smoke stacks of a sort, but that van is nothing like the one pictured on the wrapper. And the shredded paper bin doesn't exactly inspire confidence that the ingredients are Eurozone approved. Does it it give tours and free samples?

  2. And do little streams of alcohol come running down the rocks?

  3. James Martin made brandy snaps on Saturday Kitchen this morning. Naturally I thought of you.


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